The Rochias company makes occupational safety an absolute priority. In a process of continuous improvement and questioning risky practices, Rochias has called on the consulting and training firm QHSE Concept since the beginning of 2021.

Each month, an IPRP (Professional Risk Prevention Intervenor) intervenes with the production and maintenance teams to identify the risks on the one hand and assess them on the other.

During these training days, employees therefore learn to identify risky behaviors in their habits in order to be able to modify them. They are made aware of the importance of being well focused in one’s actions, keeping in mind the notion of risk for oneself and for others.

A risky situations challenge has been set up to motivate teams to report potential dangers and then analyze them, before dealing with them by making the necessary changes.

Indeed, the INRS (National Research and Safety Institute) reports that 64% of work accidents are linked to a behavioral problem on the part of the victim or his collaborators. There is therefore real action to be taken collectively to reduce this percentage.

And you ? What have you put in place in your company to reduce the risks?

What advice or feedback could you share in terms of safety?