Strategic pillars


Highlight the origin to restore consumer’s confidence

Rochias has been in the field for decades. By developing close relationships with garlic producers in France and Spain, the company guarantees local origin of products, from French and European producers.

All of our products are in local food circuits since they arrive directly at the factory after harvest from the farmers.

We have forged strong links with agricultural production and we have reliable and lasting partnerships throughout the value chain thanks to our contracts.

We ensure security of supplies with conventional and organic productions and guarantee total product traceability.


Contribute to the development of agriculture and limit our ecological footprint

Rochias, by helping farmers to value by-products, plays an essential role in the sustainability of European agriculture. By also favoring alternative energy sources (through methanization, green electricity and heat recovery from the cold group), Rochias places environmental concerns at the center of its development strategy.

Rochias contribute to developing agriculture :

  • Optimization of agricultural production and sorting operations
  • Energy recovery of by-products via methanization, photovoltaic and hydraulic energy
  • Reducing carbon emissions by limiting imports
  • Develop organic products, without pesticides
  • Eco-grazing and installation of beehives
  • Certification Biopartners and fair trade


Favor natural products from French and European producers

Rochias develops regional offers to promote all the territories. It is based on an expertise in the transformation of garlic built for more than a century.

Favor the territory as a central element :

  • Exclusive transformation of European origins (France, Spain, Italy) in cooperation with farmers
  • Specific industrial process ensuring optimal preservation of aromas
  • Naturalness of products, with product monitoring from A to Z, regular checks and guaranteed traceability


A flexible offer to meet all your needs

Each process has specificities and requires the implementation of suitable formats. Rochias wishes to adapt to the needs of its customers by offering all the possibilities of specific formats.

Promote the agility and responsiveness of a company on a human scale :

  • A wide range for all uses with formats and products adaptable according to your requests
  • A versatile and flexible production tool
  • Development of recipes and mixtures to meet all your expectations


Offer the guarantee of knowing what we eat

Rochias is continuously working on certification of its quality processes, both sanitary and food. The company is ISO 22000 certified and today wants to offer the possibility of going back to the field to guarantee the greatest transparency to its customers.

  • Certification ISO 22000-2018
  • Certification Kosher
  • Certification AB for organic products
  • Clean Label : Natural product and reduction in the use of additives